Practice and advocate for responsible, healthy behavior

Stay Healthy, Stay Home
Stay Healthy, Stay Home

The slow pace of world-wide governmental reactions to combating Covid-19 has taken and is taking a catastrophic toll on our planet. It is high time for all of us citizens to both take personal responsibility for our own healthy behavior and to take the added responsibility of advocating for others to do the same. How we behave and treat our neighbors these next several months may well determine our communal survival.

Take a good look at where we were a month ago and where we are today.  Read this helpful New York Times Op-Ed, and follow several of the embedded links to become informed in detail. Listen to your local health experts and keep yourself in the know of what is happening where you live. Please practice healthy behavior!

Experts tell us the peak of the virus attack in the US will arrive at different times across the country with most estimates citing mid-May as the average peak. That means we still have another seven weeks, at a minimum, where our staying at home with the exception of needed outings (for food, medicine, gas, or other such) is critical. Please practice healthy behavior!

Even then, after that peak is reached—see WHO pandemic phases figure below—how long we stay within the widespread human infection phase and what the post-peak phase will be like are still open questions. What we do know is we can all contribute to flattening the curve, slowing the pace of infections, and keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe. Stay healthy, stay home.

WHO pandemic phases
WHO pandemic phases

So, what does that mean for all of us in the US? It means we should already be planning on spending the rest of the spring and summer as we are doing now. Keeping to our social distancing mantra, routinely washing our hands and often-touched surfaces, and advocating for others to do the same. Plan now, don’t be caught catching-up. Behave in a responsible, healthy manner and advocate for others to do the same. Please practice healthy behavior!

Please become and remain informed about this pandemic, do your part to FLATTEN THE CURVE.

Flatten the curve
Do your part to flatten the curve

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