Euro 2024 Predictions

Portugal flag
Portugal flag

The Euro 2024 (European Championships)are upon us and hosts Germany are ready to provide a showcase for their continent’s soccer stars while across the pond the USA will do the same for the Western Hemisphere stars at the 2024 edition of Copa America. In Germany, the six four-team groups will produce two winners for a total of twelve countries and the four best third-place teams will also progress to form the sixteen needed for the knockout stage to begin with the Round of 16 and progress to the finals on July 14.

Most Euro 2024 groups have what many pundits see as prohibitive favorites and top third-place finishers. In Group A Germany and Switzerland are favored to move on in that order. In Group B, the real Group of Death, has Croatia and Spain looking the best, while Italy is picked to go through as a third “best.” In Group C, England is a lock while Serbia and Denmark will fight over a second or third-place progression with most siding with the Danes. France and the Netherlands are seen as tops in Group D while Poland and Austria vie for that third-best slot. Belgium and Ukraine look poised to progress from Group E, while Portugal and Turkey should move on from Group F with Czechia a contender for a third team slot. But Papa sees a few modifications from the norm taking place.

Papa’s Euro 2024 predictions begin with Hungary outplaying Switzerland against their mutual opponents. Then, Croatia will beat both Italy and Spain while Italy pulls out a draw against the Iberians and Croatians. Spain will thus lose a grudge match against Modric and company who gain revenge on their recent nemesis. In Group C, Denmark falls to Serbia on goal differential and comes in third. And, as expected, Czechia does well enough in Group F to progress. Papa’s forecasted standings would thus be:

Group—A—Germany 9pts, Hungary 4pts +1, Switzerland 4pts 0 (3)*, Scotland 0pts -3.

Group—B—Croatia 7pts, Italy 5pts, Spain 4pts +1*, Albania 0pts.

Group—C—England 9pts, Serbia 4pts +1, Denmark 4pts 0 (3)*, Slovenia 0pts.

Group—D—France 7pts, Netherlands 6pts, Austria 2pts, Poland 1pt.

Group—E—Belgium 9pts, Ukraine 6pts, Romania 3pts, Slovakia 0pts.

Group—F—Portugal 9pts, Turkey 4pts +2, Czechia 4pts 0 (5)*, Georgia 0pts.

Though most of the expected progressions and rank orders should hold, if Papa’s predictions hold, we will have the following sixteen teams meeting each other. Croatia-Switzerland (Croatia), Germany-Serbia (Germany), Portugal-Italy (Portugal), Dutch-Ukraine (Dutch), Belgium-Spain (Belgium), France-Turkey (France), England-Czechia (England), and Hungary-Italy (Italy). This would set up the following quarterfinal matches: Croatia-Germany (Croatia), Portugal-Netherlands (Portugal), Belgium-France (France), England-Italy (England). The semifinals would see Croatia-Portugal (Portugal) and England-France (England) with England completing their Euro 2020 and World Cup 2022 grudge wins to reach their second final in a row. Portugal will win their second Euro if Martinez is brave enough to play his best eleven in what will be a classic final match.

You will not miss much in the USA this summer as we will be fed our daily diet of well-segregated dosages of Euro and Copa throughout June and July via USA English and Spanish-language broadcasting.

What are your predictions?

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