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Copa America 2024 logo

Copa America 2024 begins June 20th with cup holders Argentina meeting CONCACAF qualifiers Canada, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Atlanta, Georgia, at 8:00 pm, on TUDN, Univision, and Fox Sports in the USA.

The Canuks have nothing to lose playing against the current World Champions, particularly since the Albiceleste return with their 2022 squad nearly intact and Lionel Messi in good form. So, though this should be a foregone Argentine victory the Canadians are capable of giving anyone a run for their money if they are on.

Thereafter, Copa America shapes up as follows Group A, with Peru, Chile, Canada, and Argentina where the favorites to go through are Argentina and Chile. Group B has Jamaica, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Mexico, and the latter two are favored to progress. Group C has the USA, Uruguay, Panama, and Bolivia with the first two teams expected to move on. Group D has Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, and Costa Rica with the first two favored to make it through. 

If the favorites do not progress in order, the tourney gets turned on its head. But that seems outside the realm of possibility given the composition of the groups. If the groups go as expected, the quarterfinals will see the following match-ups Chile- Mexico, Argentina-Ecuador, Uruguay-Colombia, and Brazil-USA. All four matches should be must-see TV and the first teams of each duo listed are the pundits’ favorites to move on. If there are no upsets, we would have semifinals matching Chile-Argentina and Brazil-Uruguay.

After watching all the top teams competing in Copa America play their final friendlies Papa feels there should be a revamping of the rankings. The pre-tourney favs should now be Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and Brazil, in that order. Given the bracket, the cup holders will avoid meeting anyone of substance until the final while on the other side of the bracket, with the other three biggies, two of the three will have been eliminated by playing each other.

Papa thinks it is likely the final will pitch the two blue-shirted, River Plate neighbors, but in any case, the winner of the Uruguay-Colombia match will likely win its semifinal and move on to give the Argentines, or whatever team upsets them, a tough final. In that encounter, the otherwise neighborly nations will produce as tough a final as would Argentina-Brazil. But the Uruguayans just might have Messi’s number. Stay tuned.

Among the tier of dark horse gate crashers this Copa America are the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, and Chile. Any one of these teams is capable of derailing the top four on a given night. Note that none of the quarterfinalists from Groups A, B, or C will have been able to avoid meeting at least one of these tough opponents. In Group D, Brazil and Colombia are the only two pre-tournament favorites who will meet early.

Though the 2024 Copa America is stacked to again produce an easy path for Messi and his pals, those mentioned Dark Horses have the chance to make the competition interesting. Aside from that, some potentially mitigating subplots are Brazil continues its poor form and is embarrassed out of the tourney at the Group Stage opening the door for the other two favorites in the bracket to reach the final a bit fresher. Colombia and Uruguay continue their upward trajectories and beat all comers upending the brackets from the get-go. Argentina implodes as it has often done.

In the end, we can only hope for a fairly officiated, well-played tourney wherein the winner earns and deserves the trophy. We will not get to see all the teams in action until Monday’s games (6/24/24) are over, and at that time, we can hazard a prediction. Meanwhile, enjoy the 2024 Euro, with a dozen matches already contested.

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