Euro 2024 Sunday Roundup

Belgium's Kevin De Bruyne
Belgium's Kevin De Bruyne

Saturday, June 22

Georgia 1—1 Czechia

Georgia took the lead at the 45+4 minute only to have Czechia draw even at the 59th. The match was toughly contested as both teams had hopes of garnering the three points which would make a draw in their last game a near certain progression. But as it stands Turkey and Portugal are favored to win and move on with today’s teams eliminated.

Turkey 0—3 Portugal

In a strong display of what they are capable of doing, albeit with some good fortune, the Portuguese cruised to the next round. Turkey will progress with a draw against Czechia in their last match. Of note, was Cristiano Ronaldo’s aging performance and his thoughtful (some say calculated) assist on Bruno Fernandes’ goal which garnered CR7 another Euro record tying him for most assists in the competition, all time, with eight assists.  

Belgium 2—0 Romania

Needing a victory, the Red Devils finally played a decent game and after a nice 2nd-minute score by Youri Tielemans, off a Romelu Lukaku assist, Kevin de Bruyne closed out the scoring at the 80th minute for a deserved win. Group E is the only group where all teams are on three points and separated by goal differential. That leaves their June 26th matches as the deciders for all four teams.

Sunday, June 23

Switzerland 1—1 Germany

As expected, the Germans did not perform splendidly against tougher opposition than what they encountered in the tourney’s opening match. The Swiss outplayed the Germans for the better part of the match and pulled ahead in the 29th minute via Dan Ndoye’s tally. They then held on for the entire span of regulation time only to see the officials add four minutes of stoppage time in a game where two would have been generous. So, of course, at the 90+2 Niclas Fullkrug scored off the umpteenth German cross to put the hosts onto their favored progression course.

Scotland 0—1 Hungary

In a match marred by injury and substantial stoppage time, Hungary finally pulled out a win 1-0 over Scotland with Kevin Csoboth’s 90+10 tally for the win. With three points and a -3-goals differential, the Magyars will have to await help from other groups to progress. The Scots were eliminated.

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