Newsy Shorts at Euro, Copa 2024 Quarterfinals

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Spain 2—1 Germany

Did you see Spanish Defender Marc Cucurella’s handball in extra time of the Spain- Germany Euro 2024 Quarterfinal? If so, please text British referee, Anthony Taylor, he and his on-and-off-the-field referee teams were the only ones in Germany’s Stuttgart Arena who missed it. Thus, no VAR review either, right? Must have been one of those straight arms by the body that was so solid and attractive the ball searched for it, took a detour, and found it, eighteen inches away from Cucurella’s body, choosing to redirect itself while on its way to the goal. A penalty by any other name, right?

Spanish striker Alvaro Morata and defenders Robin Le Normand and Dani Carvajal will miss their team’s semifinal match due to cards, and Carvajal might miss two matches if the red card means anything.

Argentina 0 (4)—0 (2) Ecuador

Did you see how many gimmies Ecuador produced and missed in their quarterfinal match against Argentina yesterday? How about Lionel Messi missing his penalty yet having four of his teammates hit theirs—ironic, but the stars must also be aligned for some team, no?

The Messi game, of course, was played on July 4th when the semifinals are on July 9th, giving the Argentines five days of rest to their opponent’s four as Canada and Venezuela play tonight. The other semifinal match will be played on July 10th, once again giving Argentina an additional day off between matches with the final on July 14th. Of course, the clinching game will be played in Miami, the city where someone’s pink-uniformed MLS team plays.

Any doubts about how this tournament has been…set up?  Copa Preview

France 0 (5)—0 (3) Portugal

Portugal squandered chances galore in regulation and extra time only to have substitute Joao Felix be the only player from either side to miss his penalty in the shootout. Portuguese keeper, Diogo Costa, the hero in the shootout against Slovenia, guessed wrong on every single penalty this time around.

It was, allegedly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s swan song at the international level, or so he told us. Meanwhile, in extra time and the penalty shootout, Kylian Mbappe was on the bench nursing his sore nose after his mask was struck during regulation time, causing him much pain.

Roberto Martinez has now led the Belgian Golden Generation and the Portuguese team of superstars to…nada. Maybe he can join Gregg Berhalter and they can start a coaching business together. There’s a rumor Dorvial Junior would quickly join.

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